Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign

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The Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign, launched in April 2020, aims to encourage residents in Marlow and the surrounding villages to help welcome wildlife into their gardens.

Domestic gardens, no matter what size, are mini nature reserves and provide vital corridors for wildlife to thrive. There are an estimated 24 million gardens in the UK so how they are cared for can make a huge difference. Our gardens form a vast living landscape.

Gardening for wildlife doesn’t necessary mean leaving it to grow into a jungle, but there are many small things you can do to make your garden accessible to all. The Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign focuses on 4 key areas:

- Garden management – e.g. chemical free, highways, composting

- Wildlife food features – e.g. nectar rich planting, fruits and berries, feeders, herbs

- Wildlife shelters – e.g. boxes, log piles, bug hotels, long grass

- Water features – e.g. ponds, bogs, water butts

By making small changes in your garden you will be helping to improve the health and biodiversity of our local area.

With the campaign, Wild Marlow will award gold, silver and bronze award certificates to those who satisfy three different levels of criteria.

The gold certificate holders, if also Wild Marlow Members, will be eligible to purchase a Wild Marlow Blue Heart for just £10, to display in their garden or wildlife area.

The Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign supports the national BLUE campaign, which has been running since 2014, promoting the rewilding of gardens and other open spaces across the UK.

Wild Marlow will be posting information on what you can do via our website, Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

To take part in the campaign, download the guidance forms and submission sheet. Make the required changes in your garden and submit the form to us online or via email. Entry is free to all and we encourage everyone to take part. If you have queries or need advice, please do email us contact@wildmarlow.org.uk. Submissions accepted from 1st April 2020 – 30th September 2020.

Away from domestic gardens, Wild Marlow hopes to be able to offer larger Wild Marlow blue hearts for display in recognition of wildlife friendly environments and practices in other open spaces such as parks, road verges, churchyards, school grounds and commercial properties.

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